green egypt party


اسماعيل أبو زيد محمد برغش

Ismail Abou Zid

The President

Mohammed Bargash

Vice President


Misr Al-Khadraa (Green Egypt) Party is one of the most important developmental, political parties in Egypt .

Misr Al-Khadraa calls for  protection and awareness of the Egyptian agricultural system and promotes for the optimal use of its resources and economy. By drawing up solutions to various problems including poverty, underdevelopment and the disadvantages of globalism and capitalism on farmers and other working sects, Misr Al Khadraa aims to fulfill its core mission of leading Egypt and its people closer towards social and economic re growth.

It was founded by a group of Egyptian citizens who share the same goal but come from diverse professional backgrounds and expertise.

The president of Misr Al-Khadraa, Ambassador and former UN Diplomat, Ismail Abouzid, represents the party's ethos and is the official public spokesperson.

After the 25th of January revolution in Egypt, the party has worked on positively contributing within a democratic atmosphere. Misr Al Khadraa has been adopting several issues especially concerning sustainable agricultural development, youth empowerment, and education.

 Party Advocates and Members :

Misr Al Khadraa is composed of a group of Egyptian citizens who believe in the eradication of all negative social phenomena such as slums, street children, and dangerous housing alternatives . By focusing on the economic development of our nation and the preservation of all marginalized groups, who have represented more than 60% of the population  and remain key players in our communities.

Because this party is based on social justice, personal gain are not taken into account. This party serves the well being of the nation and its prosperity.

The basic principles of the party:

Misr Al-Khadraa Party believes in following the doctrine of faith

  • A fertile land can supply Egypt with abundant wealth and economic stability. By deriving strength from what is naturally accessible, the Egyptian economy can prosper.


  1. The Egyptian 'farmer' engulfs a wide spectrum of citizens. Whether an army official, an intellectual, or a diplomat any member partaking in the Misr Al Khadraa activities is not required to come from a particular walk of life.
  2. Believing in freedom, democracy and the right of  Egyptians to express their opinion by all legitimate means.
  3. Women are the backbone of any community and must be allowed to participate in all areas of development, empowerment, political participation.
  4. Youth are the future of our nation and they will help us build our communit. The advancement of Egypt depends greatly on the younger generations, therefore development in the health care, education and professional sector are crucial.
  5. Every Egyptian citizen has the right to be equally treated as his/her counterpart.
  6. A secular government can reach democracy and justice irrespective of individual faith.
  7. Egypt is a civil state; hosting many religious faith  whilst being the homeland for all.


Objectives of Misr Al-Khadraa Party of Egypt :

The advancement of Egypt relies greatly on the progression of our green economy, which is based on agriculture, agro-processing and any industry that can provide jobs and opportunity for our youth .


  • Work on full equality between all citizens in rights and duties without discrimination and deepen the patriotic spirit
  • Enhancing education and scientific research as the basis for our nation's revival.
  • Health care for all citizens and access to all health facilities for families in order to generate stable communities of farmers, workers etc.
  • Providing vocational and technical training in order to improve the employment status in Egypt, whilst preserving the rights of workers, peasants with advanced technological techniques.


  • Work to secure capital within a stable economic framework and guaranteeing an efficient rationalization of public spending in order to keep up with global pace.
  • Reconsider  privatization and support of all public sector institutions.
  • Achieving integrated social care and welfare for marginalized groups, particularly street children, slum residents (etc).  


  • Foundations upon which the party's program :
  1. Citizenship is the basis of equality among members of the Egyptian people in rights and duties.
  2. To uphold the Constitution Egyptian ruling that both the authorities and the Secretary on the rights of citizens.
  3. Egyptian belonging to the Arab nation and the Islamic and the African continent.
  4. Respect for human rights and promotion of democracy and public freedoms in the right frameworks.
  5. Emphasis on the principle of transparency and accountability in public work.
  6. Emphasis on the role of the state in creating the right climate for development and investment with social justice and achieving a balance between the interest of the individual and society.
  7. Emphasis on the importance of agriculture and the public and private sectors in achieving the goals of development and balance the country's trade balance.
  8. Enhance the contribution of women and youth in public life.
    9. Importance of positive interaction and integration with different countries of the world for the benefit of the nation and the Egyptian citizen at home and abroad and supports development and supports the leading role of Egypt as a pivotal state in the Middle East and the world.
  9. The parliaments to oversee government and non-accumulation of membership assemblies and government jobs and political, the ministry has claimed responsibility before the people.
  10. Incompatibility between the position of the President of the Republic and the membership of any of the parties so clear that there is a distinction between the parties unless in parliamentary assemblies, which come by the ballot box.
  11. Maximizing the role of regulatory bodies and activated and restructuring in order to achieve maximize its role in control while maintaining independence from any dependency.
  12. Recognition of all the agreements and covenants and treaties and international codes of conduct and uphold the values ​​of human rights
  13. Rejection of discrimination and violence both on the basis of sex or religion.
    This is a call to all classes of people without discrimination on the basis of age or experience, race or religion or science both find that this offer will appeal and commensurate with the orientations that share our building this entity to achieve the aspirations and hopes of the Egyptian people.